New PDF release: Atlas of microsurgery of the lateral skull base

By Mario Sanna, Essam A. Saleh, Alessandra Russo, Abdelkader Taibah, Paolo Piazza, Fernando Mancini, Tarek Khrais

ISBN-10: 1588900118

ISBN-13: 9781588900111

ISBN-10: 3131010924

ISBN-13: 9783131010926

Fresh advances in cranium base surgical procedure are revolutionizing the sector. along with the severe place factor, the main challenge in lateral cranium base surgical procedure is knowing the complicated kinfolk among the several constructions of the sector, requiring a deep wisdom of anatomy. during this new version offers a number of step by step techniques to the temporal bone and lateral cranium base. every one series is illustrated Read more...


during this thoroughly revised and enlarged re-creation, Professor Sanna and his group offer systematic demonstrations of the most important lateral cranium base methods, drawing from two decades of expertise of Read more...

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According to the site, lesions can be grouped into cerebellopontine angle, petrous apex , petroclival and clival, jugular foramen, and sellar and parasellar. Lesions can also be intradural, transdural, or extradural. Overlaps between different groups are common. This chapter will stress the differential diagnosis of the most commonly encountered lesions in these areas and will highlight the most important data that the surgeon seeks for proper preoperative surgical planning. 1 íí Intradural Lesions (Cerebellopontine Angle) í Extra-axial Lesions Vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neurinoma) constitutes 75−90 % of cerebellopontine angle tumors.

The sigmoid sinus is gently depressed using a suction irrigator, and the posterior fossa dura in front of the sinus is separated from the overlying bone using a septal dissector. After thinning of this bone with the burr, it is removed using a bone rongeur. The middle fossa dura is uncovered in the same manner (Fig. 9). 6. The labyrinthectomy starts with opening the posterior semicircular canal. A thin shell of bone is left at the sinodural angle and around the labyrinth to afford protection of the superior petrosal sinus and the middle and posterior fossa dura while performing the labyrinthectomy (Fig.

The superior ampullary nerve is detached and reflected medially. The facial nerve can be clearly seen (Fig. 21). 13. The posterior fossa dura is next bipolarly coagulated. Then the dura is incised using microscissors. 22. Tumor removal follows. Elevation of the superior ampullary nerve (SAN). Fig. 21 Detachment of the superior vestibular nerve (SVN). The facial nerve (FN) is clearly seen. Arrows point at the canal where the superior ampullary nerve was running. 40 5 The Translabyrinthine Approaches a Fig.

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