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By R. Narasimhan

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Chapter 1 offers theorems on differentiable services usually utilized in differential topology, akin to the implicit functionality theorem, Sard's theorem and Whitney's approximation theorem.

The subsequent bankruptcy is an creation to actual and intricate manifolds. It comprises an exposition of the concept of Frobenius, the lemmata of Poincaré and Grothendieck with purposes of Grothendieck's lemma to advanced research, the imbedding theorem of Whitney and Thom's transversality theorem.

Chapter three comprises characterizations of linear differentiable operators, because of Peetre and Hormander. The inequalities of Garding and of Friedrichs on elliptic operators are proved and are used to turn out the regularity of vulnerable recommendations of elliptic equations. The bankruptcy ends with the approximation theorem of Malgrange-Lax and its program to the evidence of the Runge theorem on open Riemann surfaces as a result of Behnke and Stein.

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L. The transformation C preserves the fonn if (C~, Cll)1 = (~. 11)1 for any vectors ~,Tl. • If a linear transformation C: lR" -+ lR" preserves the fonn (~, Tl)::: L ~1T'l1, then i=1 C is an orthogonal matrix, that it C-1 = CT. Then det C = ± 1. In the case n = 2, the set of all orthogonal matrices of order 2 can be written as follows: 0(2) = r( cos ~ COS ~ sin ~ "- I, l-Sin~ cos~J sin ~)} ( sin~ -cos~ REMARK. R" is denoted by D(n), and the subgroup containing those orthogonal transformations which have a positive determinant (Le.

However. even without the general concept of the metric tensor gij' we can already impart some meaning to the words "a geometry induced on the hyperboloid". Indeed, let us consider a hyperboloid -p2 = - Xl + + ? (for simplicity we shall restrict our consideration to one of its sheets; for example, to the one described by the inequality x> 0); quite ordinary points of the hyperooloid will be treated as "points" of the geometry induced on it. and the various lines obtained on the hyperboloid when it is intersected by the planes ax + by + cz = o passing through the origin of coordinates will be thought of as "straight lines" of the induced geometry (Figure 9).

Of a curve segment is given by the formula: r = Iv r = g .. -didt -tildt. IJ = IJ % '= k La. J = 1=1 k R 5&-~a. a? , I I J How shall we describe the class of coordinates zl ••••• z" such that the length of the vector is expressed in them by the formula: R 2 _ "" I 2 f:1 (y ) • where v% Iv%' - _ I PI,. • • Y J _ - (dz I T' ... · T Such coordinates are called Euclidean. If :J. =,ti(z1, :••• ZR). iat for Euclidean coordinates there holds the property: A: gij =5 = { j I, i=j. O. i ¢j. IJ )? n~es~arY and ~uffi~i~~t (by definition).

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