Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic - download pdf or read online

By Nancy Reyner

ISBN-10: 1440327114

ISBN-13: 9781440327117

50 staggering techniques...for paintings that shines above the remaining!

From the writer of the best-selling books Acrylic Revolution and Acrylic Innovation, this e-book blazes new inventive territory with 50 thoughts that harness the inventive energy of sunshine. starting from sophisticated glazing on steel leaf, to pearly sheens, to boldly coloured optical results and shiny surfboard finishes, those ways symbolize the main asked elements of Nancy Reyner's renowned workshops. 50 attention-grabbing innovations characteristic steel leaf, reflective paints, pouring, fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, refractive layering and optical colour results. probabilities are vividly illustrated with assorted paintings from forty four artists. A "Crash path on Acrylic" bankruptcy bargains an summary of the way to take advantage of those flexible paints and items to their fullest strength. This hands-on advisor presents transparent step by step instructions to effectively execute those new and intriguing options. discover matte dermis building, sheen moving, embedding items, patinas and polished stone results. Use those techniques for natural, summary or sensible backgrounds, best layers, or accents layered in between...combine, scan, and permit your work shine.

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