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Verity. *(c) quelled, suppressed (cf. 120). Fowler. *(d) inlaid, set (OED 4). Fowler. council (orig. sp. Counsel) ii 20 (a) deliberative assembly. (b) with advice. Bush. in council or in fight, crow-toe 37 Obedient to the moon he spent his date In course reciprocal, and had his fate Linked to the mutual flowing of the seas, (a) ref. to Hobson's occupation as carrier (reciprocal = things or persons sent by one party to another). alternate motion of the tides. Holmer. the (b) course reciprocal UC 2, 30 courtly: see stable.

The tufted crow-toe crow-toe Lye, 143 (a) the wild hyacinth. (b) a species ofbuttercup. (c) Orchis mascula. (d) Lotus corniculatus. OED. 38 crude crude Lye, 3 I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude, (a) unripe (L. crudus). (b) poem not polished. cr. "uncouth", 186. crude PR 2, 349 that crude apple that diverted Eve! (a) uncooked, raw (OED 2). (b) simple, common. crude C, 480 a perpetual feast ofnectared sweets, Where no crude surfeit reigns. SA, 700 In crude old age; (a) premature. (b) causing or suffering from a crudity, indigestion.

A cleaving mischief, climate ix 45 cold Climate, (a) atmospheric conditions. (b) region, clime. Fowler. clime Arc, 24 Who had thought this clime had held A deity so unparalleled? i242 Is this the region, this the soil, the clime, i 297 the torrid clime Smote on him sore (a) locality, region. (b) climate. VC. Prince. clime vii 18 though from a lower clime (a) region, realm. (b) climb. Fowler. cloisters: see Cloysters. close ii 638 a fleet descried ... by equinoctial winds Close sailing (a) near together, in a compact group.

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