New PDF release: A Buddhist Chinese- Sanskrit Dictionary

By Akira Hirakawa

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Alias or alibi An alias is a false name, not a false description or personation: His real name was John Smith but he ran his business under the alias of Joe Bloggs. An alibi is properly a statement that a person was somewhere else at the time a crime was committed: His alibi was supported by his sister, who had been visiting him that evening. It can also be used of a general excuse: My alibi is that the train was late. However, this is thought unacceptable by some people. alibi See alias. align Spelling: note the single l and the g.

Some acronyms are existing words taken over as more easily used alternatives to full forms, ACORN, for example, which stands for: A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods, a sampling system based on different kinds of dwelling; or AIDS, from: acquired immune deficiency syndrome; or WASP, from: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Some organizations deliberately choose terms for products, projects, or equipment so that the initials will make an existing name. An example of this is ERNIE, from: Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment.

Accessory or accessary Accessory is the normal spelling of the word to mean something extra or additional: The vacuum cleaner had several accessory parts. In the legal sense, however, the spelling accessary is sometimes found: She was charged with being an accessary to the crime (she had taken a part in it). In the USA, accessory is the spelling for both senses. accommodation Spelling: note the double c and double m. accord or accordance If a thing is in accord with something else, it is in agreement with it: The contract is in full accord with company policy (it agrees with it).

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